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The first step is scheduling a call to discuss your project, your idea and set up a time for us to make an initial inspection of the project to set an accurate estimate.

Setting and estimate

On our previous call we'll set a time to inspect the property. Once we do this we will take measurements, ideas and project an estimate for the total cost of materials and labor.

Now it's up to us!

With an estimate on mind as well as a starting date, we'll get hands on with finishing your project. We will create a deadline and deliver a final product as well as walk in alongside to make sure everything looks perfect!

Our Process

We like to make things as easy and time effective for our customers. Our process in this same manner follows this same principle. A first contact is made, in here we will discuss your project, the things you are looking for, brainstorm ideas and set up a date for our first inspection. On our first inspection we will take measurements, and set up a precise quote for the estimated cost of the project. Once this estimate is agreed we will begin with the work and set up a deadline to deliver a final product.

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